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If you love cannabis strains that taste as good as they smell, look no further than Lemon Drop. Just as the name suggests, this light and fluffy bud packs a powerful punch of lemon flavor. Lemon Drop provides a lighter, clear-headed, more cerebral high that is sure to give you a boost of energy. This property makes it an excellent choice for a daytime smoke as it won’t leave you overly sleepy.

Overview of Lemon Drop

Lemon Drop is a sativa dominant hybrid, with 60% sativa and 40% indica. Because it is sativa dominant, it is less likely to give users an intense body high. Instead, it offers a light, cerebral high that can help improve your focus and give you increased energy.

Lemon Drop can be up to 23% THC and 0.54% CBD. This makes it a very intense high, although some users claim it does not last quite as long as other top-shelf varieties.

Like many newer strains, the exact origins of Lemon Drop are not known. Many speculate that because it is a high-sativa hybrid at least one of the parents would be a high-sativa strain. The most common guess for Lemon Drop’s origins is a cross between Kush NL/Leopard Kush x OG.

Although Lemon Drop boasts a fantastic high, it is most popular on the West Coast of the United States and isn’t quite as popular as other lemon-flavored strains. For that reason, it is somewhat of a rare plant to grow.

What is unique about Lemon Drop is that it is one of the few citrus strains that actually tastes, looks, and smells like lemon. The bud is known for it’s bursting yellow hairs that almost make it look like a little star. It also smells exactly like the little citrus candies it’s named after and tastes distinctly like lemon. This is in stark contrast to other lemon strains, like Lemon G, which smell like lemon but taste skunky and spicy.

Positive Effects of Lemon Drop

Lemon Drop provides the ultimate happy daytime high. This sativa hybrid is perfect for those that feel lazy or unproductive – some even claim they use it to combat fatigue and procrastination. The high from Lemon Drop can improve focus and provide you with an uplifted and happy feeling. Lemon Drop is also a relaxing strain, so you will get a clear, focused energy after using it.

Negative Effects of Lemon Drop

The two biggest negative side-effects associated with Lemon Drop are dry mouth and dry eyes. Thankfully, these side-effects can be combated with water and eye drops. Compared to other substances that can be used for increased energy and to counter depression, those side-effects are very mild. Some users, usually those who don’t have a high THC tolerance, can experience headaches from Lemon Drop.

Lineage of Lemon Drop

While the exact lineage of Lemon Drop is unknown, one common guess for it’s origin is a cross between Kush NL/Leopard Kush, OG, Skunk with KushHashplant, or G-13. All that is really known about the origin of this strain is that it comes out of California and is still considered a West Coast specific strain.

Growing Lemon Drop

Lemon Drop produces high-THC buds that are extra fluffy and are covered in trichomes. Lemon Drop buds are also known for smelling terrific. Because Lemon Drop has a sativa heritage, it typically grows tall, up to 78 inches, and has elongated buds. Lemon drop can be grown indoors or outdoors. It flowers in 49-56 days.

Where to Find Lemon Drop

Lemon Drop is most commonly found on the West Coast of the United States. There are over 1,000 dispensaries in California that carry the strain, although availability may vary depending on the season. You can also find the strain in states like Washington and Colorado. Outside of the United States, it is also a popular strain in part of Canada like Alberta.

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On the strain circuit for over a decade, Lemon Drop is a sativa-leaning hybrid with an unknown past, as its parents and genetics largely remain a mystery. Packed with a citrusy, slightly sour aroma, it’s easy to see how Lemon Drop got its name despite its obscure origins. Known for its enticing scent and candy-like sweetness, Lemon Drop is typically recommended to consumers who are looking for an energizing and euphoric buzz. Although the information on this strain is rather limited, some cultivators have reported that Lemon Drop grows relatively tall in a vigorous manner, but produces only medium-sized yields. Sources recommend using the Screen of Green (SCROG) method and to grow the plants using soil or hydro mediums either indoors or in a sub-tropical outdoor environment. During the curing process, the buds usually take on a light green appearance with a smattering of orange hairs.

No, this isn’t the shot that’s on special every Saturday night at the nightclub. Lemon Drop is miles ahead of its alcoholic counterpart in every aspect imaginable.

The Lemon Drop strain is a Sativa hybrid by nature but packs some Indica features.


Getting to know this strain is easy, as right from the get-go a clear aroma of citrus excites the senses. On closer inspection, the scent is a mix of lemon and lime, with neither outperforming the other. In most cases, a skunky undertone persists, which means it has an undisclosed lineage that’s been long forgotten.

Keeping true with the aroma and name, the Lemon Drop strain features a predominantly citrusy taste. Every toke is like taking a sip of a fresh citron lemonade. As with the skunky undertone in smell, the taste includes a very slight hint of pine, one that the average consumer would not recognize.

Lemon Drop’s bud structure is easily recognizable. The unique flower shape produces large flowers, while buds are dense with a dark green hue. Fans of orange hairs and glistening trichomes rejoice at the distinct appearance.


Lemon Drop Effects + Benefits

While the aroma and scent are enough to make this strain memorable, it’s not the only thing it’s known for. As the first couple tokes enter the system, the high speeds like a bullet train, going from 0-60 in a flash. Better buckle your seatbelt for this one.

The process begins with intense cerebral stimulation, amplifying the reaction of our senses. It’s the kind of strain that helps you hear colours and see sounds.

An increase in mental activity in most cases causes some anxiety, but not with Lemon Drop – in fact, its the opposite. This energetic Sativa strain is a social star, giving you the gift of gab. No longer do the right words seem out of reach, but are at the tip of your tongue.

What becomes evident is the engaging properties of the strain. Whatever project, task or hobby at hand becomes your entire world. All outside factors don’t matter and the present moment is your only worry.

Hence why those with ADD or ADHD love the strain and swear by its ability to help them focus.

It’s easy to forget that with all that’s going on in your head, there’s a sedative body stone lingering. As the cerebral effects wear off, the body high becomes evident, making it a well-balanced strain.

Lemon Drop is a unique strain made for the daylight. If productivity, engagement, and concentration are what you want in your life, then forget about anything else and let Lemon Drop do the work.


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Up to 21-23% THC


Flavours: Lemon, Sweet, Citrus

Effects: Relaxed, Focused, Uplifted, Happy, Euphoric

Medical Benefits: Stress, Depression, Fatigue, Lack of Appetite, Insomnia


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